Renton Silthton



Citizenship B+
Fitness A
Hygiene B
Occult D+
Scholastics C-
Vocational B+

Citizenship: Study Hall
Fitness: Physical Education, Slamball
Hygiene: Health and Wellness
Scholastic: Common Tongue
Vocational: Advanced Looting.

Gifts: Natural Weaponry 1, Prodigy (adv. Looting) 1, Really Strong
Spec needs: Large Bodied, Bungler
Extra: Varsity Slamball, Part-time Job

-Become star of Slamball team.
-Obtain potion to cure beardedness (the other lizardmen hassle me for having a beard)


Renton Silthon is a Lizardman from the Eroloma Bog just outside of the school grounds. Not many of his fellow lizardmen attend the school, those who do attend taunt Renton for his unmistakeable characteristic, a long flowing beard. It is highly unusual for a lizardman to have a beard, this beard has caused great inconvenience to Renton.

Renton is very sports minded and does well in vocational pursuits, specifically looting and pillaging and shop class, where he makes custom items and curios to be enchanted or otherwise magically imbued.

Renton doesn’t act out too much, but only does so to maintain a low profile. As a Slamball player, he wants to lead the team during his high school career.

Since Renton is local to the area, he has a part time job on weekends in the bog maintaining snares and traps set for nosy adventurers.

Renton Silthton

Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale. MatthewPauze Quango