Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

It was the end... or was it.. it wasn't..
or was it

We started, as usual, in detention. As Renton and Thranduil talked about their problems, a fellow inmate was listening in and interested in helping with their murderer allegations. Pudding is a gelatinous go getter who is looking for friends, she proved herself invaluable to the group within moments by melting the lock off of the door.

The group went on their way to the gym to get away from the detention hall they had just busted out of. Thranduil was spotted by a jock, who asked him if he was Thranduil. Helpfully, Thranduil said that he was and was asked by the jock to give him a hand with something in the gym. As Thranduil approach, the jock ran out of the gym with a baseball bat and smoked Thranduil in the jaw, knocking most of the sense out of his head. Pudding, who had tried to intervene, then enveloped the assailant and used mind control to find out who had put him up to this task. The truth came out that he had been paid good money by the vampires to assault Thranduil. The jock was then convinced to give out his money to the group and then he was made to bang his head against the wall in the gym. Thranduil tried to punch the jock in this mindless state but swung wide against the unsuspecting and defenseless target. Renton knocked him out, it was the least he could have done.

The group trudged home to find Jillian in tears in the living room. She indicated that her restraints had been trashed and that she did not have a safe place to go for the full moon. It was discovered that it was members of the jockocracy that had committed the break and enter, a problem that would need to be dealt with in due time. The most important thing to do now was to get Jillian secured before she changed to her werewolf form. Renton’s best solution was to have her imprisoned in the dungeon for the weekend, Pudding suggested that she get in trouble to be detained.

All that was left was to decide what Jillian wanted to do to be incarcerated for. Jillian mentioned that she could use some herbs from a private garden on campus in her charm club, so it was decided that she would be caught stealing herbs and detained for that.

As the group went into action, actually stealing the herbs as well as setting it up so that Gillian would be caught for stealing the ingredients, Gillian was attacked by a group of hellhounds. As the necromancer approached, Renton snuck inside of his house as the opportunity to pilfer was too perfect.

Thranduil heard the commotion and decided to run back to the scene to help Jillian, Renton found potentially incriminating evidence that suggested that the necromancer was involved in the murders. Pudding, off to get the secretary to turn Jillian in, was on her way back. Thranduil found that challenging the necromancer was more than he’d bargained for, while Renton searched for the Litch heart to destroy it, but found the Magic teacher’s disassembled staff hidden in a box.

  • Work in progress *
Stuff... it happends...

- The group wants to go to the Tunnel to find out the info about the killers/looking for stones. (A new side quest: find stones for Rentons room! Something nice and warm about the right size for him to sleep/sit on. Also a way to heat them without burning down out place.)
- They put the shackells that were put on renton and thran (for “killing” teachers) on rocks and put them into their rooms. (they now owe Allison for that)
- they saw Mario in the tunnels and then saw the Mario/Ninja meet up.
- Renton then trys to talk to the ninja and gets flipped off (what a jerk… >.< )
- Thran killed Mario (Again!) to look at letters
- Letters changed / read (clues are given)
- Left Marios body alone with the now changed letters. (Ohhh we are so smart! Its gonna screw em up good!)
- Found the tunnel that leads to the other school
- Once at the other school we found the libary
- Entered and was stopped by libaryian (or was she.. DUN DUN DUNNNNN)
- Looked up and saw dead body then realised that this was the same person from their school who killed the dragon libaryian.
- Spaz attacks forcing fight with the killer but not being able to ice the foe. Then Thran making witty remark about needing a fireplace permit.
- Fight continues with Thran hitting with a fire blast knocking the killer down and renton doing a grab that woked.
- Spaz got the staff away and ran out of the room and the person who was killing everyone yelled for help. (They looked like a human to make it look like we did it… Really who dident I get blamed for killing… Whats that? ohhhh theres a dead guy? oh you need to go talk the Thran he the local serial killer.)
- Renton and Thran froze the killer while holding them and jumped out a window just as spaz came back and set the libary on fire.
- Spaz then ran for the portal out (at the front door exit) and ran past the first guardian only to be stopped byt the dogs on the other side.
- Renton and Thran went and hid in the stables for the night.
- Spaz used a spell and made armor out of metal and one of the dogs got ahold of her leg. She shape shited out of it and got away.
- (Mean while back at the farm! It was funny the first time and its funny now) Next day Thran and Renton got back to the school on their side after a fast run to the tunnels.
- Spaz went for help to get Jillin but after a bit of a talk about killers, fire and the other school (who all happen to be her friend.) Jillion ended up geting upset and killing spaz.
- Thran and renton get back to their frat house to find jillion in her werewolf form sitting on the body of spaz and asking lots of questions.
- Thran talked her down telling her we did it for a safty of both schools to stop a killer and that we would never try and hurt anybody or burn anyone or anything that was bad.
- At this point Werewolf Jillion pickat one of the hairs on the body of the killer and it was showen that we no long had the killer or that the killer had never been real and became straw and leaves and such. (Nothing really of any help to us.)
- It then came out that the staff (the one thing that was real that the killer had, had.) was no longer with spaz and they needed to know more about it.
- Thran not wanting to piss Jillion off anymore then was needed went on his own and went looking for the staff only to not find it. What he did find was the words “YOUR NEXT” in blood in jillions room. (I would guess it was spazs blood as she had been killed in the room that night before. As for the wording on the wall that was in blood.. I got nothing…. nothing at all….)
- Thran was unable to find the staff and was trying to get Jillion out of the bathroom to talk to him to see if she knows where it might be. (but she was not to happy as she was covered in blood and not sure what was going on.)
- Spaz then told Jillion she had killed spaz in a rage annnnnnd that did not seem to help Jillion all that much. (On a happy note spaz seemed to be ok with the fact she had just been killed and was once again living. Also I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico! so thats something… right? RIGHT?!?)
- At this point the game came to a close with Renton again looking for rocks for his room. (one can only hope he find them..)

At the end of all this mess they Messed with the Vampires, no longer had the killer, the book they wanted most likly burned and Jillion had killed Spaz. A good time was had by all :)

Sunday September 18
The Thought Plickens

We found ourselves in detention for our explosive adventure in the prior session. With a little defiance from Spaz, the time passed and when we were let out, food and drinks were in order.

At the cafeteria, Alison appeared and called in her favour. We were to requisition an abandoned house and stay there until morning. Alison was to be no help, she can only influence the world at dusk and dawn.

While Spaz and Thranduil went to sort of the Jillian situation, Renton went to the office administrator to fill in the paperwork.

Spaz and Thranduil invited Jillian to the house for the night, promising that they could keep her safe. Jillian agreed and went along with them. As they were heading to the house, Renton was finding the task of filling the requisition form easy. A little too easy, he decided to put Alison, Thranduil and Natalie as the claiming parties. Expecting to be thrown into a delicate situation where only lies would save his skin, handing in the form was uneventful.

The group met back at the house which they were to spend the night at and looked for suitable lodgings for the ticking time bomb Jillian. Upon arrival, the group encountered a passed out fairy on the doorstep. After surveying the house, they decided to lock Jillian in a room with a heavy metal door, for her own safety. Spaz located some metal and prepared it in case it would need to be used. Spaz then applied a sleeping potion to Jillian that could be triggered at her will. Thranduil felt leery about leaving the fairy on the doorstep in case she would contest their claim. Renton took her back to her dorm and saw to it that she could return to her room.

Settling in for the night, the face of the Headmaster suddenly appeared over the campus, projected in the sky. His booming voice announced to all that those listed on the form Renton had filled in were claiming the house as their own and that if the orb within could be removed from the house, their stake in the house would be lost.

To say the least, this was a surprise for all involved. The orb began to glow profusely, after some attempts to disguise the orb, it was left in the care of Spaz.

As Renton returned from assisting the fairy, he noticed a pack of vampires heading towards the house. He followed at a distance, ready to pounce.

Thranduil also noticed the pack of vampires and launched a fireball at the group, stunning most and hurting all. As the strongest vampire steadied himself and prepared for a fight, Renton came behind him and prepared for a massive strike on the vampire. Thranduil then cast a daylight spell and all vampires were immediately turned to ash.

Mallory approached. Renton, trying to diffuse the situation, let slip that Jillian was inside, was a werewolf and that the group was going to live in the house once it was claimed.

Mallory was glad to hear this, it appeared that her work was to be easy, the targets presumably designated by her Young Overlord master all seemed to be in one place. She called on Thranduil, who came out and began a mage duel with her. Mallory summoned a fiery skeleton, which was dispelled by Thranduil. She cast many spells but all were countered by Thranduil.

In the meantime, Renton and Spaz were dealing with Jillian, who had turned into a werewolf and was quite upset. Renton barricaded the door just as Jillian was breaking through it. Spaz tried to talk with the beast but it only got angrier. Jillian finally escaped and immediately went after Spaz. After an exchange of blows, Spaz was near incapacitation, her final resort was to activate the sleep effect on Jillian, who went down immediately.

The situation outside was getting worse, Mallory had started attacking Thranduil physically, but he was able to get her frozen in place. Renton ran to his aid and began attacking Mallory from an angle where she could not defend. Thranduil performed a coup de grace on Mallory with a targeted magical blast to her head.

With all of the very immediate dangers the group turned to the future threats. Renton dragged Mallory into the house, Spaz set about chaining the sleeping Jillian to the floor and encased Mallory in a titanium box.

The boarded up window smashed in and Natalie burst in. She demanded to know what was going on, Renton told her she would get two gold coins if she walked away, four coins if she helped defend. Thranduil sweetened the deal by offering an additional two coins if she revoked her claim to the house (her name was on the requisition form).

Natalie took two coins with a promise to deliver the remaining four, the house would belong to the Allison and the group if the night’s vigil was successful.

Mallory seemed to be freeing herself. After incapacitating her again, Thranduil made the call to have her disposed of. Renton hauled the box to the well and tossed it in. Derrick watched and pushed Renton towards the well, then stood with an enquiring (and angry) look on his face. Renton managed a flimsy lie but Derrick wasn’t interested in pursuing the matter. He shifted into a cloud of bats and flew away.

When the group was back together in the house, Jillian was waking again. She was agressive towards Spaz, but affectionate towards Thranduil. Thranduil asked her if she would like to be freed, she acknowledged that. Thranduil took the chains off and backed away, not knowing what would happen next. Jillian fled the house.

The three took turns keeping watch over the orb and the night ended without further event. The house was theirs! Jillian returned the next morning and was relieved to hear that nobody important had been hurt. Allison appeared and was invited to take up residence in the house.

After moving their stuff in, Spaz reinforced the house from the inside to fortress strength defenses. The session ended with the group in possession of a new hangout and base of operations, ready for whatever might come next.

Sunday September 11
Carrying Gasoline Where There is Fire

Renton and Thranduil met after class on a Friday afternoon… Spaz had taken a sick day. The two were walking into the main building and noticed up on the ramp above, Jillian had been pushed and was about to fall several stories. Thranduil quickly flew up and steadied her and noticed several boxes that she had been struggling with. Renton, still suspicious of Jillian decided to look into one of the boxes. What he saw was as much surprising as it was confusing. The box contained a length of thick, heavy chain.

Jillian was very evasive as to why she needed this, eventually fleeing with the box as quickly as she could.

Renton, on full alert at this point, decided to have a look in Jillian’s locker. After Thranduil did a quick scan for magic, Renton picked the lock and proceeded to assess the contents. Many half-finished charms and textbooks, nothing of interest really. Thranduil was able to put a tracking spell on one of her textbooks. They would now be able to know where she was at any given time, as long as the book was with her.

Suddenly Renton and Thranduil felt a presence, when they turned they say Alison, the ghost, who asked them what they were doing. The answer given was not enough to make them not look foolish, but Alison went on her way. The two finished securing the locker, just in time, since a teacher was walking down the hall towards them. A quick brush off and walking away quickly was enough to diffuse the potential situation.

Leaving the building, we saw the leader of the Young Overlords, Darrick, throttling the person who had tried to push Jillian over the railing earlier. Thranduil, a member of the Young Overlords asked what was going on, “he failed a task,” was the reply. Thranduil, ever helpful, wondered if he could help with anything. Darrick had the situation under control.

Upon crossing the grounds, the two saw Jillian and Natalie in a struggle, resulting in the boxes Jillian was carrying being dropped in the bottomless well. We asked again, “What’s in the box?” Jillian finally let out that she needed to get far away from here. She fled afterwards.

Later that night, a pack of vampire hooligans was seen entering Jillian’s dormitory. They were armed with wooden bats and were making a lot of noise. Thranduil flew up and started searching for Jillian’s window. Renton followed quietly and observed.

Upon reaching Jillian’s room, the pack of vampires bashed the doorknob away, triggering a blast. In the meantime, Jillian ran out to her balcony, Thranduil swooped her up and onto the roof. The vampires kicked down the door and started searching. Two of them transformed into bats and began a search. Before they were able to get far, Thranduil ignited one, it fell to the ground immediately, the other darted away in fear.

The rest of the thugs saw this and went to assist. This left Thranduil and Jillian trapped on the roof, the roof access door was locked. Renton took this time to have a look around Jillian’s room. He found many potions and half-finished charms, some letters from the Academy and a dagger, hidden beneath her bed. Renton scanned one of the letters and found it to be from what seemed to be a concerned friend, wondering what had happened. Renton also found some golden coins, his good deeds not to go unrewarded, pocketed them and was on his way. Some of the other residents were feeling brave enough to venture out to see what the commotion had been, Spaz (who was feeling better at this point) also came out and showed Renton a safe place to hide the gold.

Spaz and Renton then went and let the two on the roof back into the building, but the vampires were regrouping and starting a search. At this point, the group had questions for Jillian that needed to be answered before any further help was given. Jillian revealed that she was a Werewolf. The group came across Alison, who said she could help, as long as she could call in a favour from Thranduil at a later date. With all the excitement going on around them, Spaz inadvertently shapeshifted into an exact copy of Jillian.

Alison led the group to the basement to a bookcase. Renton, expecting a secret lever, had to move the shelf out of the way and then close the opening behind him. The group was in total darkness, but Thranduil and Spaz were able to see well enough to lead the other two

They went along the pathway and came across Mallory drawing intricate symbols on the floor. Mallory questioned them, “Who are you and what are you doing down here?” Spaz answered, “we’re down here all the time, who are you?” Mallory accepted this and watched them. Spaz asked her what she was doing, Mallory said she was doing a task for Darrick. As they were talking, Renton decided to mess with the incantation being drawn on the floor, sure that it could serve no purpose but to complicate Thranduil’s plan to be a rescuer to Jillian.

Mallory immediately noticed and attacked him with her claws. A painful fight began for Renton, his bungling nature took hold and Mallory was clearly winning the fight. Spaz tried to stop her, but was unable to persuade her. Eventually after Thranduil cast a freeze spell on her, Spaz flew Renton out of the reach of Mallory. Noticing a circle of power (in addition to the incantation that would nullify the anti-death ward placed on the campus) on the floor, Thran drew power from it and was able to call down a stone from the ceiling to incapacitate Mallory. Spaz then seeing this then proceeded to draw on the circle’s power many many times. Thranduil did so as well, but after his second attempt after the fight, the circle became unstable.

The next thing anybody remembers is looking up into sunlight, the ceiling of the tunnel had been blown away. A crowd had gathered and was looking into the blast area. As the group climbed out of the hole, the headmaster approached and inquired as to the events preceding the blowing of a hole in his campus. A lie was quickly offered by Renton, Thranduil had been smoking near a gas pocket in the tunnel. The rest of the onlookers generally accepted this and approved of Thranduil for being so cool as to be a smoker. The headmaster knew it was a lie but did not pursue it.

The group ended the adventure in detention, although they were spared the usual torture which accompanies detention at Wandering Monster High School.

Sunday September 4
Class Actually Begins

We started out receiving a homework assignment for the weekend in Health class. We were to find an example of a healthy food for each of our respective races to bring in for grading. Spaz decided that she need a cow, Thranduil decided he would know good food when he saw it and Renton decided to skim some junk off the water of his home swamp and pass it off as food to the instructor.

As we gathered after class, we were run down by the jerk Strife, who bumped into us, Spaz decided to attempt to trip him, though she got her knee stomped in the process. Jillian then approached and was trying to get signatures for a petition to start a charms/enchanting club for the school. We all signed and wished her well. At that point, Natalie showed up, shredded the petition and in response, Thranduil set her tail on fire. Natalie fell from the sky, only to be caught by Renton who gave a disapproving look as she went on her way. Jillian fled in tears.

We waited for the cover of night to begin our work on the homework assignment. Spaz thought she may have some luck in finding an example of a nutritious food on the campus of the rival Academy. We approached the portal that led to the Academy, only to find it guarded by vicious hellhounds. Spaz shapeshifted into the form of their master, a necromancer who ordinarily guards the portal. Upon getting through the portal, we found the guardian on the other side wondering what we were there for. Renton described our purpose as retrieving a sick cow from their herd that needed to go into quarantine, the story was believed and we continued farther onto the Academy campus.

We surveyed the campus and saw what appeared to be an armory. After Renton picked the lock, Thranduil was able to determine that there was magic in the room, namely a door that was warded with an alarm. The three other doors were locked, but were picked by both Renton and Spaz. One door was a training room, another the gymnasium and the third was a dormitory for large students. We decided to sabotage the Academy’s mascot suit of armour as well as the cheerleading gear with itching powder, a potion made by Spaz.

After the sabotage, it was decided that we should look in the magically warded room to see if there was anything of value to be stolen. After disarming the ward, we found many weapons and four medallions. All four were taken by Spaz, who gave Renton and Thranduil one each. We did not disturb the sleeping students.

After that, we approached the livestock pens and started making off with a cow. From the shadows, a figure in black jumped Renton from behind, putting a knife to his throat. We were able to determine that this was Winford, a fellow classmate. After he determined that we were idiots for breaking into the Academy, we parted ways and returned to the portal.

The guardian on the Academy side of the portal was skeptical as to why we were short a member from what we had on our way in. Renton and Thranduil played dumb and were eventually waved through, with Spaz clinging underneath the cow.

The necromancer had returned to his post by that time, and proceeded to lay into the group, casting sleep on Spaz and flinging her off a cliff. Thranduil volunteered his way to the edge as he was thrown over while Renton convinced that he was a victim of peer pressure and was told to go away.

Thranduil, conscious, was able to fly to Spaz and retrieve her, but the cow got mangled as it went over the cliff as well.

Spaz and Thranduil did well on their assignment, but Renton failed outright.

Over the next few days, observers from the Academy scoured the campus to find the interlopers. Renton offered to hide the medallions from them in a secret location in his swamp home, Spaz cast a spell to hide them. The other students in the school heard about the heist and generally thought that it was pretty cool, the teachers, while disavowing knowledge to the Academy, took a dim view to the whole incident.

After the heat was off, the medallions were returned.

The group then attempted to ascertain the use of the medallions. After unsuccessfully asking the occult teacher what their purpose was, it was found out through Jillian that the medallions were to protect from harm. Jillian went on to say that more could be known if the charm club were to started.

The next day, the gym teacher was found murdered. We attempted to do some detective work, but were only able to find footprints leading back into the hall of the school. The gym teacher’s replacement was a small goblin. Renton tried to diminish the new teacher’s opinion of Strife, and was moderately successful. The teacher announced that Slamball tryouts were the next morning, anybody who was able to make it past him on the Slamball field would be on the team.

Expecting an easy route onto the team, we showed up and found the teacher in a steam powered mech suit. Spaz went first, taking the slamball and flying past. The teacher launched bombs into the air and Spaz was unable to complete the challenge. Renton used his medallion and aced the competition. Strife also did very well in the competition, despite Spaz trying to make him look foolish.

After that, the group saw Jillian trying to collect signatures on a new petition, they were generally helpful.

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