Minotaur Slamball player


Tarkan is a young Minotaur and friend of Renton through his connection to the Slamball team.

Tarkan is quite large and will continue to grow. His great size comes with great strength. His family comes from the underground Drow city of Nethellweneh, his father is employed by the drow as a ranking member of the city guard, but is faced with a glass ceiling (the Drow will not promote a non-Drow any further than his father has progressed).

Due to this discrimination, Tarkan has disdain for any elf, but is openly critical of Drow. When he completes his education Tarkan will not be returning home, he is already looking for a new home.

Tarkan loves to fight, whether just wrestling for fun or to the death. He lives for adrenaline and is very aggressive. He is of average intelligence and more or less follows the rules. He possesses a powerful logical ability by nature of his race and has a near photographic memory when it comes to remembering routes taken in labyrinths or other confusing tasks.

Tarkan is a blocker on the Slamball team, he is very good at it.


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