Taffo Baisho

A foreign exchange student from the Three Spires desert clan


Taffo is at the school on an exchange. He comes from the Three Spires desert clan, a society that salvages magical artifacts from the wreckage of the Tel’Andweil fortress.

Taffo is used to a harsh desert environment, studying magical archeology to help his people fully excavate the ruins of a fortress where a major battle took place centuries in the past.

Taffo adheres to customs that seem strange to the other students at WMHS. He treats water with reverence and has an inherent ability to sense and identify magic and magical items. He does not have casting ability, his strengths lie in survivalism, excavation and navigating dangerous circumstances. When fighting, he uses dual daggers and is proficient with a hand crossbow.

Taffo wears loose, lightweight clothes and keeps his mouth and nose covered with a mask.

Taffo does not seek out friends, but will recognize acts of others which benefit him. He is at WMHS because his clan is labelled as evil for protecting the site of Tel’Andweil fortress from adventurers who seek to loot it for the powerful artifacts in its lower depths.

Taffo Baisho

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