Thranduil Vaneth (Thran)

Elven Pryomancer


Citizenship B-
Fitness c-
Hygiene B-
Occult A+
Scholastics C-
Vocational B-

Fitness: Physical Education
Hygiene: Health and Wellness
Occult: 4 elements
Scholastics: Common Tongue, History, Ancient
Vocational: Wood Shop

Gifts: Breath fire (Blast) 1, flight 1, Night vision 1, regeneration 1
Flaw Uncontrolled power
Extra: Young Overlords, Future Wizards of the World (3)

- to one day learn how to fit in/be respected (in hopes he can one day return home).
- try and be the best mage/caster in the school


Thran has always been very good making things out of wood. Only thing is that he also has a little problem… he lights things on fire but does not mean to. He cant control his power!

After being cast out of the woods by the other wood elfs for starting to many trees and other objects on fire. Thran for the first time found himself without a home. Seeing the school as his best option of getting his power in check and using the time to better learn about magic he will do everything he can to not burn down the school and maybe if hes lucky get people to like him.

Thranduil Vaneth (Thran)

Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale. MatthewPauze GraySnihur