Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

Sunday September 4

Class Actually Begins

We started out receiving a homework assignment for the weekend in Health class. We were to find an example of a healthy food for each of our respective races to bring in for grading. Spaz decided that she need a cow, Thranduil decided he would know good food when he saw it and Renton decided to skim some junk off the water of his home swamp and pass it off as food to the instructor.

As we gathered after class, we were run down by the jerk Strife, who bumped into us, Spaz decided to attempt to trip him, though she got her knee stomped in the process. Jillian then approached and was trying to get signatures for a petition to start a charms/enchanting club for the school. We all signed and wished her well. At that point, Natalie showed up, shredded the petition and in response, Thranduil set her tail on fire. Natalie fell from the sky, only to be caught by Renton who gave a disapproving look as she went on her way. Jillian fled in tears.

We waited for the cover of night to begin our work on the homework assignment. Spaz thought she may have some luck in finding an example of a nutritious food on the campus of the rival Academy. We approached the portal that led to the Academy, only to find it guarded by vicious hellhounds. Spaz shapeshifted into the form of their master, a necromancer who ordinarily guards the portal. Upon getting through the portal, we found the guardian on the other side wondering what we were there for. Renton described our purpose as retrieving a sick cow from their herd that needed to go into quarantine, the story was believed and we continued farther onto the Academy campus.

We surveyed the campus and saw what appeared to be an armory. After Renton picked the lock, Thranduil was able to determine that there was magic in the room, namely a door that was warded with an alarm. The three other doors were locked, but were picked by both Renton and Spaz. One door was a training room, another the gymnasium and the third was a dormitory for large students. We decided to sabotage the Academy’s mascot suit of armour as well as the cheerleading gear with itching powder, a potion made by Spaz.

After the sabotage, it was decided that we should look in the magically warded room to see if there was anything of value to be stolen. After disarming the ward, we found many weapons and four medallions. All four were taken by Spaz, who gave Renton and Thranduil one each. We did not disturb the sleeping students.

After that, we approached the livestock pens and started making off with a cow. From the shadows, a figure in black jumped Renton from behind, putting a knife to his throat. We were able to determine that this was Winford, a fellow classmate. After he determined that we were idiots for breaking into the Academy, we parted ways and returned to the portal.

The guardian on the Academy side of the portal was skeptical as to why we were short a member from what we had on our way in. Renton and Thranduil played dumb and were eventually waved through, with Spaz clinging underneath the cow.

The necromancer had returned to his post by that time, and proceeded to lay into the group, casting sleep on Spaz and flinging her off a cliff. Thranduil volunteered his way to the edge as he was thrown over while Renton convinced that he was a victim of peer pressure and was told to go away.

Thranduil, conscious, was able to fly to Spaz and retrieve her, but the cow got mangled as it went over the cliff as well.

Spaz and Thranduil did well on their assignment, but Renton failed outright.

Over the next few days, observers from the Academy scoured the campus to find the interlopers. Renton offered to hide the medallions from them in a secret location in his swamp home, Spaz cast a spell to hide them. The other students in the school heard about the heist and generally thought that it was pretty cool, the teachers, while disavowing knowledge to the Academy, took a dim view to the whole incident.

After the heat was off, the medallions were returned.

The group then attempted to ascertain the use of the medallions. After unsuccessfully asking the occult teacher what their purpose was, it was found out through Jillian that the medallions were to protect from harm. Jillian went on to say that more could be known if the charm club were to started.

The next day, the gym teacher was found murdered. We attempted to do some detective work, but were only able to find footprints leading back into the hall of the school. The gym teacher’s replacement was a small goblin. Renton tried to diminish the new teacher’s opinion of Strife, and was moderately successful. The teacher announced that Slamball tryouts were the next morning, anybody who was able to make it past him on the Slamball field would be on the team.

Expecting an easy route onto the team, we showed up and found the teacher in a steam powered mech suit. Spaz went first, taking the slamball and flying past. The teacher launched bombs into the air and Spaz was unable to complete the challenge. Renton used his medallion and aced the competition. Strife also did very well in the competition, despite Spaz trying to make him look foolish.

After that, the group saw Jillian trying to collect signatures on a new petition, they were generally helpful.


Wow, nicely done.

Sunday September 4
MatthewPauze Quango

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