Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

Sunday September 18

The Thought Plickens

We found ourselves in detention for our explosive adventure in the prior session. With a little defiance from Spaz, the time passed and when we were let out, food and drinks were in order.

At the cafeteria, Alison appeared and called in her favour. We were to requisition an abandoned house and stay there until morning. Alison was to be no help, she can only influence the world at dusk and dawn.

While Spaz and Thranduil went to sort of the Jillian situation, Renton went to the office administrator to fill in the paperwork.

Spaz and Thranduil invited Jillian to the house for the night, promising that they could keep her safe. Jillian agreed and went along with them. As they were heading to the house, Renton was finding the task of filling the requisition form easy. A little too easy, he decided to put Alison, Thranduil and Natalie as the claiming parties. Expecting to be thrown into a delicate situation where only lies would save his skin, handing in the form was uneventful.

The group met back at the house which they were to spend the night at and looked for suitable lodgings for the ticking time bomb Jillian. Upon arrival, the group encountered a passed out fairy on the doorstep. After surveying the house, they decided to lock Jillian in a room with a heavy metal door, for her own safety. Spaz located some metal and prepared it in case it would need to be used. Spaz then applied a sleeping potion to Jillian that could be triggered at her will. Thranduil felt leery about leaving the fairy on the doorstep in case she would contest their claim. Renton took her back to her dorm and saw to it that she could return to her room.

Settling in for the night, the face of the Headmaster suddenly appeared over the campus, projected in the sky. His booming voice announced to all that those listed on the form Renton had filled in were claiming the house as their own and that if the orb within could be removed from the house, their stake in the house would be lost.

To say the least, this was a surprise for all involved. The orb began to glow profusely, after some attempts to disguise the orb, it was left in the care of Spaz.

As Renton returned from assisting the fairy, he noticed a pack of vampires heading towards the house. He followed at a distance, ready to pounce.

Thranduil also noticed the pack of vampires and launched a fireball at the group, stunning most and hurting all. As the strongest vampire steadied himself and prepared for a fight, Renton came behind him and prepared for a massive strike on the vampire. Thranduil then cast a daylight spell and all vampires were immediately turned to ash.

Mallory approached. Renton, trying to diffuse the situation, let slip that Jillian was inside, was a werewolf and that the group was going to live in the house once it was claimed.

Mallory was glad to hear this, it appeared that her work was to be easy, the targets presumably designated by her Young Overlord master all seemed to be in one place. She called on Thranduil, who came out and began a mage duel with her. Mallory summoned a fiery skeleton, which was dispelled by Thranduil. She cast many spells but all were countered by Thranduil.

In the meantime, Renton and Spaz were dealing with Jillian, who had turned into a werewolf and was quite upset. Renton barricaded the door just as Jillian was breaking through it. Spaz tried to talk with the beast but it only got angrier. Jillian finally escaped and immediately went after Spaz. After an exchange of blows, Spaz was near incapacitation, her final resort was to activate the sleep effect on Jillian, who went down immediately.

The situation outside was getting worse, Mallory had started attacking Thranduil physically, but he was able to get her frozen in place. Renton ran to his aid and began attacking Mallory from an angle where she could not defend. Thranduil performed a coup de grace on Mallory with a targeted magical blast to her head.

With all of the very immediate dangers the group turned to the future threats. Renton dragged Mallory into the house, Spaz set about chaining the sleeping Jillian to the floor and encased Mallory in a titanium box.

The boarded up window smashed in and Natalie burst in. She demanded to know what was going on, Renton told her she would get two gold coins if she walked away, four coins if she helped defend. Thranduil sweetened the deal by offering an additional two coins if she revoked her claim to the house (her name was on the requisition form).

Natalie took two coins with a promise to deliver the remaining four, the house would belong to the Allison and the group if the night’s vigil was successful.

Mallory seemed to be freeing herself. After incapacitating her again, Thranduil made the call to have her disposed of. Renton hauled the box to the well and tossed it in. Derrick watched and pushed Renton towards the well, then stood with an enquiring (and angry) look on his face. Renton managed a flimsy lie but Derrick wasn’t interested in pursuing the matter. He shifted into a cloud of bats and flew away.

When the group was back together in the house, Jillian was waking again. She was agressive towards Spaz, but affectionate towards Thranduil. Thranduil asked her if she would like to be freed, she acknowledged that. Thranduil took the chains off and backed away, not knowing what would happen next. Jillian fled the house.

The three took turns keeping watch over the orb and the night ended without further event. The house was theirs! Jillian returned the next morning and was relieved to hear that nobody important had been hurt. Allison appeared and was invited to take up residence in the house.

After moving their stuff in, Spaz reinforced the house from the inside to fortress strength defenses. The session ended with the group in possession of a new hangout and base of operations, ready for whatever might come next.


Feel free to add corrections, I’m a little unclear on the Mallory fight.

Sunday September 18

Once again nicely done.

Sunday September 18
MatthewPauze Quango

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