Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

Sunday September 11

Carrying Gasoline Where There is Fire

Renton and Thranduil met after class on a Friday afternoon… Spaz had taken a sick day. The two were walking into the main building and noticed up on the ramp above, Jillian had been pushed and was about to fall several stories. Thranduil quickly flew up and steadied her and noticed several boxes that she had been struggling with. Renton, still suspicious of Jillian decided to look into one of the boxes. What he saw was as much surprising as it was confusing. The box contained a length of thick, heavy chain.

Jillian was very evasive as to why she needed this, eventually fleeing with the box as quickly as she could.

Renton, on full alert at this point, decided to have a look in Jillian’s locker. After Thranduil did a quick scan for magic, Renton picked the lock and proceeded to assess the contents. Many half-finished charms and textbooks, nothing of interest really. Thranduil was able to put a tracking spell on one of her textbooks. They would now be able to know where she was at any given time, as long as the book was with her.

Suddenly Renton and Thranduil felt a presence, when they turned they say Alison, the ghost, who asked them what they were doing. The answer given was not enough to make them not look foolish, but Alison went on her way. The two finished securing the locker, just in time, since a teacher was walking down the hall towards them. A quick brush off and walking away quickly was enough to diffuse the potential situation.

Leaving the building, we saw the leader of the Young Overlords, Darrick, throttling the person who had tried to push Jillian over the railing earlier. Thranduil, a member of the Young Overlords asked what was going on, “he failed a task,” was the reply. Thranduil, ever helpful, wondered if he could help with anything. Darrick had the situation under control.

Upon crossing the grounds, the two saw Jillian and Natalie in a struggle, resulting in the boxes Jillian was carrying being dropped in the bottomless well. We asked again, “What’s in the box?” Jillian finally let out that she needed to get far away from here. She fled afterwards.

Later that night, a pack of vampire hooligans was seen entering Jillian’s dormitory. They were armed with wooden bats and were making a lot of noise. Thranduil flew up and started searching for Jillian’s window. Renton followed quietly and observed.

Upon reaching Jillian’s room, the pack of vampires bashed the doorknob away, triggering a blast. In the meantime, Jillian ran out to her balcony, Thranduil swooped her up and onto the roof. The vampires kicked down the door and started searching. Two of them transformed into bats and began a search. Before they were able to get far, Thranduil ignited one, it fell to the ground immediately, the other darted away in fear.

The rest of the thugs saw this and went to assist. This left Thranduil and Jillian trapped on the roof, the roof access door was locked. Renton took this time to have a look around Jillian’s room. He found many potions and half-finished charms, some letters from the Academy and a dagger, hidden beneath her bed. Renton scanned one of the letters and found it to be from what seemed to be a concerned friend, wondering what had happened. Renton also found some golden coins, his good deeds not to go unrewarded, pocketed them and was on his way. Some of the other residents were feeling brave enough to venture out to see what the commotion had been, Spaz (who was feeling better at this point) also came out and showed Renton a safe place to hide the gold.

Spaz and Renton then went and let the two on the roof back into the building, but the vampires were regrouping and starting a search. At this point, the group had questions for Jillian that needed to be answered before any further help was given. Jillian revealed that she was a Werewolf. The group came across Alison, who said she could help, as long as she could call in a favour from Thranduil at a later date. With all the excitement going on around them, Spaz inadvertently shapeshifted into an exact copy of Jillian.

Alison led the group to the basement to a bookcase. Renton, expecting a secret lever, had to move the shelf out of the way and then close the opening behind him. The group was in total darkness, but Thranduil and Spaz were able to see well enough to lead the other two

They went along the pathway and came across Mallory drawing intricate symbols on the floor. Mallory questioned them, “Who are you and what are you doing down here?” Spaz answered, “we’re down here all the time, who are you?” Mallory accepted this and watched them. Spaz asked her what she was doing, Mallory said she was doing a task for Darrick. As they were talking, Renton decided to mess with the incantation being drawn on the floor, sure that it could serve no purpose but to complicate Thranduil’s plan to be a rescuer to Jillian.

Mallory immediately noticed and attacked him with her claws. A painful fight began for Renton, his bungling nature took hold and Mallory was clearly winning the fight. Spaz tried to stop her, but was unable to persuade her. Eventually after Thranduil cast a freeze spell on her, Spaz flew Renton out of the reach of Mallory. Noticing a circle of power (in addition to the incantation that would nullify the anti-death ward placed on the campus) on the floor, Thran drew power from it and was able to call down a stone from the ceiling to incapacitate Mallory. Spaz then seeing this then proceeded to draw on the circle’s power many many times. Thranduil did so as well, but after his second attempt after the fight, the circle became unstable.

The next thing anybody remembers is looking up into sunlight, the ceiling of the tunnel had been blown away. A crowd had gathered and was looking into the blast area. As the group climbed out of the hole, the headmaster approached and inquired as to the events preceding the blowing of a hole in his campus. A lie was quickly offered by Renton, Thranduil had been smoking near a gas pocket in the tunnel. The rest of the onlookers generally accepted this and approved of Thranduil for being so cool as to be a smoker. The headmaster knew it was a lie but did not pursue it.

The group ended the adventure in detention, although they were spared the usual torture which accompanies detention at Wandering Monster High School.


Very nicely said.

Sunday September 11

I was the one who knocked out the demon chick using the freeze spell and then the brick to the head. I was also the first one to draw power from the mana circle while you where being held up in the air (that way I was able to cast one more spell the one to knock her out with the brick.)… but other wise everything was spot on.

Sunday September 11

turns out I can update/edit the post so just fixed one or two lines and left everything else alone.

Sunday September 11

I see, I had also left out us finding out that Jillian was a werewolf, I put that in.

I think we need to go political, Darrick is a threat, we need to instate you as the leader of the Young Overlords.

Sunday September 11
MatthewPauze Quango

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