Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

Stuff... it happends...

- The group wants to go to the Tunnel to find out the info about the killers/looking for stones. (A new side quest: find stones for Rentons room! Something nice and warm about the right size for him to sleep/sit on. Also a way to heat them without burning down out place.)
- They put the shackells that were put on renton and thran (for “killing” teachers) on rocks and put them into their rooms. (they now owe Allison for that)
- they saw Mario in the tunnels and then saw the Mario/Ninja meet up.
- Renton then trys to talk to the ninja and gets flipped off (what a jerk… >.< )
- Thran killed Mario (Again!) to look at letters
- Letters changed / read (clues are given)
- Left Marios body alone with the now changed letters. (Ohhh we are so smart! Its gonna screw em up good!)
- Found the tunnel that leads to the other school
- Once at the other school we found the libary
- Entered and was stopped by libaryian (or was she.. DUN DUN DUNNNNN)
- Looked up and saw dead body then realised that this was the same person from their school who killed the dragon libaryian.
- Spaz attacks forcing fight with the killer but not being able to ice the foe. Then Thran making witty remark about needing a fireplace permit.
- Fight continues with Thran hitting with a fire blast knocking the killer down and renton doing a grab that woked.
- Spaz got the staff away and ran out of the room and the person who was killing everyone yelled for help. (They looked like a human to make it look like we did it… Really who dident I get blamed for killing… Whats that? ohhhh theres a dead guy? oh you need to go talk the Thran he the local serial killer.)
- Renton and Thran froze the killer while holding them and jumped out a window just as spaz came back and set the libary on fire.
- Spaz then ran for the portal out (at the front door exit) and ran past the first guardian only to be stopped byt the dogs on the other side.
- Renton and Thran went and hid in the stables for the night.
- Spaz used a spell and made armor out of metal and one of the dogs got ahold of her leg. She shape shited out of it and got away.
- (Mean while back at the farm! It was funny the first time and its funny now) Next day Thran and Renton got back to the school on their side after a fast run to the tunnels.
- Spaz went for help to get Jillin but after a bit of a talk about killers, fire and the other school (who all happen to be her friend.) Jillion ended up geting upset and killing spaz.
- Thran and renton get back to their frat house to find jillion in her werewolf form sitting on the body of spaz and asking lots of questions.
- Thran talked her down telling her we did it for a safty of both schools to stop a killer and that we would never try and hurt anybody or burn anyone or anything that was bad.
- At this point Werewolf Jillion pickat one of the hairs on the body of the killer and it was showen that we no long had the killer or that the killer had never been real and became straw and leaves and such. (Nothing really of any help to us.)
- It then came out that the staff (the one thing that was real that the killer had, had.) was no longer with spaz and they needed to know more about it.
- Thran not wanting to piss Jillion off anymore then was needed went on his own and went looking for the staff only to not find it. What he did find was the words “YOUR NEXT” in blood in jillions room. (I would guess it was spazs blood as she had been killed in the room that night before. As for the wording on the wall that was in blood.. I got nothing…. nothing at all….)
- Thran was unable to find the staff and was trying to get Jillion out of the bathroom to talk to him to see if she knows where it might be. (but she was not to happy as she was covered in blood and not sure what was going on.)
- Spaz then told Jillion she had killed spaz in a rage annnnnnd that did not seem to help Jillion all that much. (On a happy note spaz seemed to be ok with the fact she had just been killed and was once again living. Also I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico! so thats something… right? RIGHT?!?)
- At this point the game came to a close with Renton again looking for rocks for his room. (one can only hope he find them..)

At the end of all this mess they Messed with the Vampires, no longer had the killer, the book they wanted most likly burned and Jillion had killed Spaz. A good time was had by all :)


This is what you get when I do the log lol

Stuff... it happends...
MatthewPauze GraySnihur

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