Class Begins: A Wandering Monster High School Tale.

It was the end... or was it.. it wasn't..

or was it

We started, as usual, in detention. As Renton and Thranduil talked about their problems, a fellow inmate was listening in and interested in helping with their murderer allegations. Pudding is a gelatinous go getter who is looking for friends, she proved herself invaluable to the group within moments by melting the lock off of the door.

The group went on their way to the gym to get away from the detention hall they had just busted out of. Thranduil was spotted by a jock, who asked him if he was Thranduil. Helpfully, Thranduil said that he was and was asked by the jock to give him a hand with something in the gym. As Thranduil approach, the jock ran out of the gym with a baseball bat and smoked Thranduil in the jaw, knocking most of the sense out of his head. Pudding, who had tried to intervene, then enveloped the assailant and used mind control to find out who had put him up to this task. The truth came out that he had been paid good money by the vampires to assault Thranduil. The jock was then convinced to give out his money to the group and then he was made to bang his head against the wall in the gym. Thranduil tried to punch the jock in this mindless state but swung wide against the unsuspecting and defenseless target. Renton knocked him out, it was the least he could have done.

The group trudged home to find Jillian in tears in the living room. She indicated that her restraints had been trashed and that she did not have a safe place to go for the full moon. It was discovered that it was members of the jockocracy that had committed the break and enter, a problem that would need to be dealt with in due time. The most important thing to do now was to get Jillian secured before she changed to her werewolf form. Renton’s best solution was to have her imprisoned in the dungeon for the weekend, Pudding suggested that she get in trouble to be detained.

All that was left was to decide what Jillian wanted to do to be incarcerated for. Jillian mentioned that she could use some herbs from a private garden on campus in her charm club, so it was decided that she would be caught stealing herbs and detained for that.

As the group went into action, actually stealing the herbs as well as setting it up so that Gillian would be caught for stealing the ingredients, Gillian was attacked by a group of hellhounds. As the necromancer approached, Renton snuck inside of his house as the opportunity to pilfer was too perfect.

Thranduil heard the commotion and decided to run back to the scene to help Jillian, Renton found potentially incriminating evidence that suggested that the necromancer was involved in the murders. Pudding, off to get the secretary to turn Jillian in, was on her way back. Thranduil found that challenging the necromancer was more than he’d bargained for, while Renton searched for the Litch heart to destroy it, but found the Magic teacher’s disassembled staff hidden in a box.

  • Work in progress *


MatthewPauze Quango

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